The Invitation!
(to the tune of Gilligan's Island off course...)

Just open up your letter now
An invite awaits you there
Itís all about bringing you
To this lovely island

The island is a tropic one
The beaches long and bright
The jungles cover most of it
In a thicket lush and green
In a thicket lush and green

Follow up the river run
It ends at our resort
Itís here youíll all be living fine
Here on Kokotomo
Here on Fantasy Island

Welcoming you here I will be, Mr. Montibar
With Shalingalal
My trusty mate
In general we will provide
An adventure
It will fulfill your dreams
Here on Fantasy Island

So this will be what you have been dreaming of
Get off the plane and join us here
Youíll soon find out what dreams you have
May not be what thought!

Everything can happen here
Itís just what you wish
Youíll just never know
When it takes a twist

Natives, mysteries, mayhem
Luxuries of your dreams
You have it all you know
As Montibar sees fit!

So join us here in your fantasy
Youíll sure to learn a lot
Youíll never be the same again
Leaving Fantasy Island


Those who answered the invite...

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